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Safety Tips for Independent Baguley Escorts

Safety is paramount if you are in the escort services industry. If you working in the adult business as a Baguley escort, you must keep in mind that looking after your safety is a primary concern. At all times you should protect yourself from the law, your clients, and transmittable diseases.

With these easy to recall safety tips, you are confident of delivering the services that your client paid without risking your safety.

  1. Work only as an independent Baguley escort if you are 18 years old. For obvious reasons, this is to protect you and your clients from the hassles of the UK laws and regulations.  A client involved with someone under 18 who's working as a Baguley escort can be prosecuted of sexual abuse.
  2. Never solicit your services in public places. Kerb crawling or pimping in public places is also illegal. Maintain a low profile as a Glasgow escort or Edinburgh escort and avoid activities that inconvenience the general public.
  3. Screen your Baguley escort clients thoroughly; get as much information as you can which serves also as background check and verification. Plus, know their wants and specifications (such as if they prefer Asian escorts over Brazilian escorts and if they want BDSM or the GFE) before confirming a meeting to prepare. Pre-screening gives you time to assess if demands are within your limits. This will also prevent misunderstanding and avoid any physical threats.
  4. If possible, always confirm Baguley escort bookings for clients who can give a hotel room number or a landline number that you can call to validate the information.
  5. Be transparent with your rates as a professional Baguley escort, services offered, terms and conditions like cash is the only method of payment accepted.
  6. Limit the valuable items inside your purse.
  7. Always keep your mobile phone handy, just in case.
  8. If possible, hire a driver who can drop you off at the Baguley escort meeting place and will pick you up after the meeting, or will wait for you outside the place.
  9. Avoid drinks as much as possible. If the client insists, drink in moderation and only take a beverage that is opened in front of you. Also, avoid drugs and other illegal substances.
  10. Always practice good hygiene as a professional blonde escort. Encourage your client to do the same before getting intimate. Lastly, make sure a pack of protection is in your purse.
  11. These safety measures are not only for Baguley Escorts. These are also applicable to Bedfordshire escorts, cheap Bedfordshire escorts, female, bisexual, and other escorts in UK.