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The Four Common Types of Men You'll Meet As an Escort

Starting a career as one of the Kearsley escorts was a no-brainer because you knew you wanted to have a good time while earning good money. But you also can't help but wonder what types of clients would book your services as a world class escort UK, especially since you still have no experience in the industry. To give you a sneak peek into the world of escorting, here are the four most common types of men you'll likely meet at work:

The romantic

This client is a dream for all escorts in UK because he will treat you like a real woman and not just someone he paid for companionship. If you're lucky enough to be booked by a romantic client, you can expect to receive a bouquet of flowers the moment you meet and be taken out to a fancy dinner date. Some of these clients even go out of their way to treat their Kearsley escorts on shopping sprees or giving them extravagant gifts.

The loyalist

This is the client that you'd want to keep for as long as you can. While a lot of men find escorts UK every now and then, there are a few select clients who will stick to just one or two Kearsley escorts because they just love their companionship and whatever other services they have to offer.

If you want to turn a regular client into a loyalist, make sure to give it your best during your appointment. Pay attention to his needs, be present and do more of what's expected to get his attention and make you his favourite world class escort UK to book.

The indecisive

Finally, this is the most common type of client and the exact opposite of the loyalist. An indecisive client rarely sticks to one escort Kearsley. Instead, he'll try to book different Kearsley escorts to see which ones are the best. He could be into a blonde Kearsley escort today and he'll prefer an Asian or French tomorrow. These types of clients are usually just bored and would want to have someone to spend time with. Some clients also don't book the same escort again to avoid any emotional attachment.