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4 Important Rules for Your First Time with an Escort

After deciding to finally book the services of a Whitefield escort, you're now feeling a bit nervous because you don't know exactly what to do and how to act when around her. This isn't uncommon for first-time clients because booking for companionship is, after all, not the usual service that you take advantage of. But here are four important rules you should follow to make sure both you and your world class escort UK are happy with your appointment:

Communication is very important.

Not all Whitefield escorts offer the same service, so you need to know what's on the menu to be sure that you're getting the right escort Whitefield for your needs. Talk to her before the appointment and be polite enough to offer her the information she needs to screen you. Communication is key to making sure that you're both on the same page and avoid disappointments later on.

Prepare yourself.

You're meeting a world class escort UK, so it's only fitting that you prepare for the appointment like you would on a first date. Whitefield escorts are known to come to meetings all showered and dressed properly for the event, so make sure to do the same by taking a shower, brushing your teeth, choosing the right outfit and dabbing on a little perfume for that extra wow factor.

Give her a nice welcome gift.

Although not required, most first-time clients would bring a bouquet of flowers or any nice gift during their first meeting with a Whitefield escort. This is a great way to show her that you're a good client and that she can be comfortable with you.

Never do anything without her consent.

A lot of men take advantage of their Whitefield escorts thinking they have the right to do it. But no matter how much you pay, you should never do anything to an escort in UK without her consent. If she doesn't agree to spending the night with you, let her be. Treating your escort Whitefield with respect means gaining her trust and she will definitely return your kindness with the best experience.