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Can You Be an Escort's Favourite Client? Here's How

As a client, you'd want to be that one man who Westhoughton escorts love to be with over others. With such a huge demand for companionship these days, being an escort Westhoughton's favourite client can really give you some advantages, especially if you book her services regularly. But how can you be that client?

Research about your escort.

Take the time to research about your Westhoughton escort to get to know her a bit better. You can look at her website, social media platforms and her profile on the agency's website. You should also be respectful of her need to screen you for her own safety.

All world class escorts UK follow this rule to make sure they don't put themselves in danger while working. Provide whatever information she requires to give her that much-needed peace of mind.

Never show up late.

Think of meeting your Westhoughton escort like meeting a business partner. Escorts in UK run on tight schedules, so if you're late, it could mean time and money lost for your escort Westhoughton. So unless you inform her of the change in schedule in advance, you have to pay for the time she spent waiting for you. Make sure to let her go on your agreed time so she can go to her next client. If she doesn't have any other appointment and you want her to stay, expect to pay for that extended time she spends with you.

Expect to pay upfront, but don't hand it to her.

All escorts Westhoughton follow the standard rule of accepting payments before the appointment. But never talk about it as your payment. Call it a gift instead and don't hand it to your escort Westhoughton. Most clients put the money where the escort can easily see it like the sink in the bathroom or by the bedside table.

Of course, you should never forget to leave a tip for her after the appointment. Although you already paid for her companionship, she still deserves a tip, especially if you're satisfied with her service. It will also help her remember you the next time you book her service.