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Planning to be an Escort? Invest in These Three Important Tests

Escorting has been such a lucrative industry that it's not uncommon to find a lot of women building their careers as young escorts. In fact, some of these young escorts stick to the industry long enough to actually create a good life out of it-from being able to invest in their own homes to travelling the world.

But it's also no secret that being a world class escort UK has its own set of risks, especially in the health department. So if you're planning to be an escort, it's best to start by investing in these three important tests:

Skin exam

Whether you're blonde, brunette, black or French, it's very important to have flawless skin to be able to stand up against the competition. Clients these days are very particular with how their young escorts look that even the tiniest hint of acne or blister could already cause them to jump to the next woman out there.

To make sure that you keep a flawless complexion, visit your dermatologist at least once a year to have your skin checked and get treatments that will help you exfoliate, moisturise and hydrate.

Dental test

When clients find UK escorts, they usually look for women who they can show off as their date at an important business event or just their companion during their trip to town.

If you want to be that escort, you have to make sure that your smile is perfect, which is why it pays to have a dental test every few months to identify and fix any problems before they get worse. It's also very important to maintain good oral health habits to make sure that you always have that dazzling smile when meeting clients.

Pap test

Finally, although a big chunk of clients who book young escorts do it solely for companionship, there may be times when you could get intimate with a client as long as you agree to it. In this case, you have to get a pap test every year to determine any cervical problems and even the presence of cancer during its earliest stages. An HPV test is also important in keeping you free from human papillomavirus in the cervix.