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Planning a Romantic Date With Your Escort? Order These Three Aphrodisiacs

You've heard so much about Irlam escorts that you immediately booked one as soon as you started planning your trip to Manchester. And to make this first experience with a world class escort UK extra special, you'd want to take her out for dinner at one of Irlam's best restaurants. The next question is: what food should you order during your date? Make sure to try these three aphrodisiacs on the menu:

Fresh oysters

For appetizers, make sure that you order fresh oysters to enjoy and set the romantic mood with your Irlam escort. Aside from being delicious when paired with lemon or hot sauce, oysters is also a famous aphrodisiac even back in the 2nd century A.D. when Romans devoured dozens to make them feel energised and ready for the bedroom.

Most escorts in UK also love eating oysters because they're refreshing and light.

A variety of seafood

If you're ready to move on to the main course, don't forget to order some seafood dishes like spot prawns and lobster, which are known to be popular aphrodisiacs. Just make sure that they are prepared simply to avoid destroying their effects as an aphrodisiac.

According to experts, seafood only becomes a passion igniter when it's steamed or sautéed because these preparations help bring out their sweet taste. Seafood dishes are also best paired with salads and some spicy food to keep your sugar levels and body temperature up as you spend more time with your world class escort UK.


Of course, you can't miss the ultimate aphrodisiac as you end your dinner date with your Irlam escort. Chocolates are known for enhancing anyone's mood and all escorts in UK could never resist indulging in a chocolate dessert even if they're on a diet. If you want to maximise the effects of chocolate, experts suggest that you order fondue because you also get vitamins C and E from fruits, which will help boost your energy and really enjoy your time with your cheap escort Irlam. Are you ready to try these dishes during your dinner date?